Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Parade San Marcos

The town of San Marcos (about 10 min South of us) had their Veteran's Day parade today so more people could attend, since many still had work or school yesterday. 

So we picked up some donuts and headed down.
There were many vets in the parade, it was nice to be able to wave at them and say thank you. A lot of local businesses and schools participated in the parade too.

The kids were happy when people in the parade gave them candy.

We saw a lot of cool old cars and also some loud motorcycles.

We noticed we were sitting right by a historic park near the river. We walked around and I staked out some good spots that I want to come back to to take Christmas portraits.

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Mickie and Matt said...

I love to see you guys actually wearing long sleeves. Must be getting a little cooler around your parts?

That's awesome they have a Parade! Looks like a good one.

Cool spots for photos can't wait to see how your pictures turn out. I can tell you've been practicing with photo shop. They look great.