Monday, November 14, 2011


First off...I got a pair of new shoes! I rarely buy new clothes or shoes for myself. Also I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. Like my mom I have bunions, you know that bony bump and the base of the big toe. She had surgery to remove hers, I probably need the same but until then a cheaper fix is wearing comfortable shoes that don't put pressure on it and cause me pain (I can't handle wearing heals for long periods of time, like longer than 10 minutes). Anyways so I usually stick with sandals and flip flops...but it's getting a little cold to wear those to work. So I was super happy to find these cute suede flat slip ons at Kohl's this weekend. They had them in various colors but only in blue and brown in my size. Stephen said go with the blue. I really like them, they are comfy. And better yet, they were on sale and I had a 30% off coupon. 

So now onto the more serious part of this post. Lately I've been meditating a lot on topics of appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude. And not because it's near Thanksgiving but because of things going on in our lives, job related and such. So sometimes I struggle with these. I work for an awesome small company where the owners show great appreciation to their workers. Stephen made an observation that I always tend to work for these types of companies. It's nice to be appreciated, recognized for your hard work. It makes you want to strive to do more and be better at your job. Unfortunately Stephen has worked for the opposite type of companies, you know those huge, giant corporate companies where the "little guys" are unappreciated and forgotten. I really commend Stephen because he's always had such a strong work ethic. He always puts in 110% and goes the extra mile. And that's hard to do when you're never shown appreciation, even a simple "great job!". So what's the solution? Find another job until you find one for a company like I work for? I mean do you ask the big wigs in your interview, "do you show appreciation to your employees?". Wish the solution could be this simple. But of course it's not. The only solution that seems right is to not dwell on being unappreciated or recognized - but to be grateful and thankful. And it's only through Faith, in my opinion that you could turn around and change your feelings about it all.

I did a search on "Gratitude" on Pinterest. And the above photo came up. It was like perfect timing and a perfect reminder to all that is going on in our family's lives lately. Makes me appreciate the jobs that gave us money to buy my new pair of shoes. Reminds me there are millions that are far off worse than us - that don't even have jobs or an opportunity to squabble about work.

My Pinterest search also came up with these. Love it, a whole site about simple things to appreciate. I felt like this one pertained to us right now too. Stephen has been putting in 10-12 hour work days, sometimes 6 days a week. 4 of those days he doesn't get to really see me or Madeline because of the shift he works - and he's doing it all to persevere in his career so we can pay for the roof over our heads and food on our table. It's challenging and straining. But instead of dwelling on it, we can appreciate taking off our shoes and socks after a long day.


Mickie and Matt said...

Amen to new shoes! Good thing to be thankful for.

I too have always been blessed to work for small companies that really value their employees. I usually have worked directly under the owner too.

Matt has worked for the big corporation where he is not appreciated at all, and his work now is the small business type (well small for his type of work) and the appreciation is so much higher! He too works 5, 10 hour days but he gets a ton of good feedback and feels good about his work.

We'll pray for Stephen maybe for new opportunities or for a change of heart in his management or just that he may endure with a glad heart.

Good luck and like I always say, just keep on keepin' on.

Sassy Sarah said...

Your new shoes are so cute!

And the picture you posted is heartbreaking and so real. There is so much in our lives to be grateful for and we should feel blessed to have what we do.

Saying prayers for you and your family that you persevere and are fulfilled in your jobs. I try to always remember that I work to live not live to work, but it's easy to get caught up in the little things.

When I worked for a large, unappreciative company, I made sure to thank those that worked with or for me. I think it goes a long way and teaches your co-workers to do the same. And you never know how that could change a business!