Friday, July 1, 2011


So my friend and coworker, Brittney, told me about Pinterest a couple months ago. I looked into the website and applied to have my own Pinterest. A few weeks later I received an email approval to start my Pinterest. But I didn't do so until today, and now....I'm hooked!

What is Pinterest you ask. Brittney explains it well on her recent blog post. Basically it's like having a virtual pinboard (corkboard). If you're like me and cut out magazine pics for ideas, or save photos for ideas from favorite websites or mark the webpage so you can come back - then you'll love Pinterest. They make it SO easy to "pin" an image to your virtual pinboard. Best of all you can browse everyone else's pinboards and get inspired!

You can create a pinboard for anything...I started ones for places I've been, art & architecture I love, my faith, and pins I've enjoyed looking at from others. So come follow me on Pinterest!

Follow Me on Pinterest

And if you want to start your own Pinterest, let me know and I'll email you an invite!


Justine and Fernando said...

Yes, i think ill like it. I keep everything in Google bookmarks and its not working out. I used to use a different Google service which waa more visual but they got rid of it! Thanks!

Brittney said...

yay Pinterest! :)