Saturday, July 2, 2011

Round Up: day 05

Day 05 of the reunion...3 words....Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort. The kids were super excited!

We've only been once before in the summer of 2008 when James was just 1. So this time he really enjoyed the water and the slides!

Here is Madeline sliding down the pirate ship.

We stopped by the swim up bar to have a drink with Mike and Jacki while Eli, Madeline and James swam around us.

James first time on the big kid waterslide...he loved it! Him and I went down these several times.

Afterwards James said he was ready for the big black waterslide (see in first photo) called the Black Knight. Okay. While we climbed up all those stairs and were waiting in line we saw Tanny and Ethan get in line behind us. So I had to take a pic of them at the bottom - so cute! And by the way, James loved this waterslide in the dark. So we went again and raced Tanny and Ethan - they won. :)

Madeline spent most of her day going around the Torrent River (like the lazy river, but not so lazy and with an occasional wave). I think at one point in the day her and Poppi went around it 15 times! Here are Stephen, Madeline, Mike and Jacki going around.

Aunt Anne and Dad found their inner kid to go on the water rides. Here they are taking a break.

James floating on the Torrent River. I didn't get much pics of all the other nephews because they were all over the place going on all the rides. But everyone had a blast! When we got home Laura and the girls had some dinner ready for us.

P.S. This is what a day at Schlitterbahn does to you on the car ride home.

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