Thursday, June 30, 2011

Round Up: day 04

On day 04 we headed over to the Blue Hole swimming hole in Wimberley, TX. It was perfect because it was Monday and there was hardly anyone there. We were able to get a couple of the picnic tables in the shade. And the kids (& Laura :) had a ton of fun with the tree rope swings.

Here is one of the boys on the rope swing, Mark is below in the water with his blue floatie. :) This swimming hole is great because it's shaded by tons of trees.

Madeline, James, Nathaniel and I went out to the middle of the hole on our floaties to watch all the rope swing jumpers. This tree trunk came right out of the middle of the water. Tanny climbed up it and found a good resting spot.

Tanny took this pic of the kids and I.

On this day the Fujii's came back from their Houston trip and spent the day with all of us again. Here are Stephen and Jon with all the kids in the background on the dock waiting for a turn on the rope swing.

Here are Brenda with her boys. Brenda said she remembers swimming in swimming holes in Ireland, but she thought this hole was really beautiful.

Bryce and Brenda's youngest, Chloe and oldest, Jacob.

Later that evening we headed to downtown Austin at Lady Bird Lake to go on the Bat Watching Cruise. Here are Stephen and Wyatt on the pontoon boat waiting to depart.

It was a lovely cruise on the lake. Not too hot. And all the kids and adults seemed to really be enjoying it. Here are Laura and Mark with their girls.

The nephews hanging out in the back by the boat driver.

Madeline, Aunt Anne, Dad, Mom, Jacki and Mike enjoying the sites from the boat.

We could see the bats really well. There are 1.5 million in this bridge colony.

The kids and I looking for the bats.

Wyatt and Madeline enjoying their cousin time.

Jacki and Mike.

Uncle Steve and Carol.

Brenda and Bryce with Chole and Jacob. The Austin skyline behind them.

Jacob and William.

The kids asked the driver lots of questions.

And here is Congress bridge from the view of our boat. Notice all the people watching from the bridge. The bats take off every evening!


Mickie and Matt said...

Boating and swimming... does it get any better? Fun summer memories... i'll say it again for the hundreth time... wish we could have been there!

Sassy Sarah said...

Oh my gosh - what an amazing time you all had! There is nothing better than spending time with the people you love! :)