Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The past 2 days my blog has looked a mess! The template background I had from A Blog to Brag About was not showing up correctly. When I contacted them they said it had to do with Photobucket and it should all be back to normal soon. Well I got tired of seeing my blog in hiatus, so I changed the template background to this generic Blogger template. It'll do for now until I find a new one or get mine old one back.

I thought this photo was funny. We had just gotten back from the Post Office and the bank (the teller gave the kids DumDum lollipops, if you can't tell James had blue). They are hardly ever loving or touchy feely with each other. But they both wanted to lounge in the beach chair and they were in a silly mood.

I posted this video on Facebook yesterday and emailed it out to family. Over the past year and a half I've been taking little video clips of Madeline reading to show how she is improving. This one cracks me up! I love how she changes her tone to make the story sound more interesting.


Justine and Fernando said...

I love this photo too. The vivid colors are great. I actually do like this blog background as well!!

Mickie and Matt said...

Thats awesome! Tell her to come to my house, Ty would LOVE for someone to read to him all day! I do may fair share but sometimes I just need to get things done!

Cute picture of the kids, that's one they will treasure in about 20 years!