Monday, April 11, 2011

But Mama, "it's" going up!

I think I've posted about this topic before, either on Facebook or here on my blog. The issue with our 4 year old son always sticking his hands down his pants! I got some great advice before and I still use the method of saying "HANDS!" while at home or in public. It's my "signal" word to James, for him to show me his hands which forces him to take them out of his pants. I know the hands in the pants are something boys just do out of curiosity of this body part, their "ding a ling" if you will. And this curiosity can come at any time - it's most embarrassing when we're at the store or with other people. So we had talks about what is appropriate in public and what is not. He got better for awhile and I wasn't having to say "HANDS!" as much.

But the saga continues. I'm sure you parents of baby boys have noticed a time or two when they were infants and they would get an erection, scary...weird right? Well they come back. And now they hurt - thus the hands have to go back in the pants to make it stop. Sigh. So after thinking we got over the "guitar playing" and curiosity...we now have erections due to the need to go potty or an adjustment needs to be made.

So again I am constantly telling James, "HANDS!" and now he responds to me, "But Mama, "it's" going up!" and  "It hurts and won't go down!" Yup we just had this conversation in the grocery store today while he was sitting in the cart with his hand down his pants. And we had literally just gone to the restroom like 15 minutes prior. So back to the restroom we go. I'll be honest and say I get a little mad when he does this. But then I read this article today on Babycenter (I did a search on there instead of on Google in fear of what sites would come up) called, "Mama, my 'tinkle' is big!" and one of the commenter's made me feel guilty and more sympathetic to James' problem. The comment #21 read,

"When an erection is constrained against fabric it’s like having one of your fingers bent back, so the “fidgeting” you’re OH SO EMBARRASSED ABOUT might actually be an attempt to redress a problem."

Um, okay, ouch! I can relate to the finger bent back. And now I feel bad. I guess sometimes I just feel like the only one with their kid sticking their hands down their pants in public. Can any of you relate? And how do you address this issue with your little one? Stephen was great with helping with potty training and showing James how to pee standing up. And occasionally I will notify Stephen at home to talk to James about the touching. But most of the time they are silly boys (yes, Stephen too) and will laugh about it together just like they laugh when making up names with the word "poop" in them. (Rolling my eyes).

So I can tell already, it will be very, very interesting raising a girl and a boy.

Occasionally I still catch Madeline sucking her thumb in her sleep - and now...I catch James with his hands down his pants in his sleep. Sigh.


Kristin said...

Amazingly we have not had much problems with that. But it brought back a funny memory of my older brother with his hads down his pants out in left field. My poor mother was mortified because she couldn't say anything. I hope that you guys figure out a solution the the problem.

Kelly Spence said...

Oh boy. Funny. Yeah, good luck with that.

Shawndra in Oregon said...

Never had that problem with Kaden...but lately Kaleb has been grabbing at himself a lot, from the outside of his clothes, mind you...and I ask him why he's doing it and he says his penis hurts. I've checked it out and there's nothing going on....and he only complains when I catch him grabbing at it. I think it's a boy thing and we are in for a long road. Some guys are just attracted to their, forever.

Justine and Fernando said...

Sorry, no experience. But I'll be on the lookout as to what the solution is...Good luck and very funny post! Even though I know you don't mean to be!

Homeboy McCoy said...

Yeah, that one is a guy thing forever.

We used to have a severely autistic student who would put his hands down his pants... and sometimes take his pecker out and show it to everyone.

I suggested we put tabasco sauce on his hands... but of course, that wouldn't be dignifying.

kell said...

Well, Tyler, I am sure will go through that phase at some point or another. Right now, as here nears 2 he is just fascinated with it. He likes to touch it in the bath and laughs when it moves when he uses the toilet.

On the other hand, Evelyn gyrates against her blanket and has been doing so since she was 18 months. We had the same talk, although we told her it was only appropriate in her room and not in the rest of the house. She stopped for a while and just recently started up again.