Monday, September 27, 2010

We say "Kyle" You say "Invaders"

My mom arrived on Friday to help us celebrate Stephen and James' birthdays this weekend  - I have lots of pics to share from over the weekend, I'll put them into several posts. She also got to see Madeline cheer at a football game.

Mom took a pic of me taking a pic of Madeline with her friend Ashley during a water break.

Ashley and Madeline - Go Kyle Invaders!

James does pretty well sitting and watching all the football games we go to.

The girls sitting on the bleachers with Daddy.

Mom loved all our matching t-shirts so she wanted to take a family pic of us.

Last week at practice they had individual and team pictures. Madeline is the 2nd from the left on the bottom row.

Our cheerleader. Does the water tower in the background give away we live in Texas? :)


Tatiana said...

Happy Birthday Stephen and James! Madeline is so adorable in her cheerleader role. We are going to be in Austin this weekend. Actually like New Brunsfel. We will give you guys a call see if we can't meet up or something.

Mickie and Matt said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to the Spence boys!

I believe the words Texas and football are inseparable... Well at least I am pretty sure. One cute Cheerleader you have there.

That is so fun that your mom came out to help and enjoy the birthday celebrations!