Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

On Saturday afternoon we celebrated James' 4th birthday. We had friends and family over for pizza. Here is James playing on the trampoline with his 2 buddies Ethan and Aaron and his sissy. It was a beautiful day out!

Here are the boys eating their pizza. Stephen and Braden are sitting on the couch watching the Longhorns loose. Boooo! Poor Braden just had his wisdom teeth pulled earlier that day. Ouch!

Our friends (and old neighbors) the Wright family came over to help us celebrate!

What's a birthday party without a piƱata!? James picked out Scooby Doo and helped me put in every single candy from 4 Halloween candy bags. 

Candy!!!! Score!!!!

James also picked out his Spiderman cake. Uh oh Oma caught him in this picture taking a lick of the frosting.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles!

James was blessed with many cool gifts. He received a lot of his favorite Hot Wheels cars and motorcylces which he's been playing with on the kitchen floor for days now. He also got this really awesome Buzz Lightyear costume Uncle Steve brought over for Aunt Stormy.

Who said boys can't play dress up? James received some birthday money from Oom George and Tante Xenia...after spending some time looking for the perfect toy at Walmart - James picked out this dragon costume to buy with his birthday money. Don't worry we asked him and he definitely said he's a "good dragon". :) Thank you to all who made it such a special 4th birthday for James!

On Sunday night we took Stephen out for a belated birthday dinner since we couldn't on Friday night. We went to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in San Marcos where they cook in front of you on a teppan table. James and Madeline were really intrigued with the chef.

Mom giving a cheers with her Saki! And Stephen sporting his Viking necklace after a victory that day.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, smells delicious!

We had salmon, shrimp, teriyaki beef and chicken, New York steak and scallops! Yummy!

We really enjoyed the birthday dinner!

After dinner our server came out with 2 ice cream sundaes for Stephen and James, and her and some other servers sang happy birthday. A perfect way to end our birthday celebration weekend! Thanks mom for coming out, joining and treating us!

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Mickie and Matt said...

Awesome parties! I didnt know james liked to dress up so much in costumes. That is great. Love the icing on the finger picture... Classic

I LOVE those types of restaurants. It sounded so good now my mouth is watering and I need to go to one! Here it's called Tepanyaki, not AS good as the one in Medford, I forgot what it was called... Anyways Happy Birthday Spence Boys!