Friday, September 24, 2010

My Love

 Today is My Love's 33rd birthday. We met and started dating when we were both 17 (pictured above). Hotstuff huh? :) I fell head over heels for him, he was gorgeous, funny and romantic. But I can say I love him more and more each day we're together because of the person he is inside and out - beautiful.
Being together for over 15 years, you can imagine we have a lot of "songs" that have special meaning to us. I even have many songs that Stephen doesn't even know about that remind me of him because of the lyrics. One recent one is from the country duo Sugarland, "Stuck Like Glue". The chorus part makes me think of My Love..."There you go making my heart beat again...There you go making me feel like a kid...There you go pulling me right back in...And I know I’m never letting this go...I’m stuck on you!" (listen below)

Happy Birthday Baby...I love you.


steve said...

Happy Birthday my young nephew. You've made a great choice in your eternal mate. See you tomorrow. Uncle Steve

etmo2 said...

Happy Birthday! Steve. Wishing you much love and ALOHA from the Tengbergen Ohana.

Michaela said...

Happy Birthday Steve!
Such a cute song!!