Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Movie Review

rated PG-13
We gave this movie *** and a 1/2 stars.
The story of this movie takes place in Britain set in the 1960's and loosely based on actual events. And is a jewel heist story with a twist! For awhile Stephen and I couldn't figure out how he stole the diamonds! In the end there is a deeper meaning behind the theft. Good flick!

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
rated PG-13
We gave this move ** and a 1/2 stars.
Stephen and I enjoy criminal justice stories...but when the plot gets to be unbelievable (like there is no way any person would ever volunteer to do that!) the story becomes a bit far fetched. This one is about a reporter who sets himself up as a suspect for murder only so he can expose a corrupt district attorney's misdeeds. We just kept saying to ourselves, "there's no way I'd set myself up as a suspect!" So I guess if you're home sick and having a movie marathon, this one would be worth downloading since you have the time.

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Mickie and Matt said...

Ohhh i'll have to put Flawless on the netflix list and Yes we saw Beyond a Reaonable Doubt too, bleh.