Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pleasant Surprise & Doggie Tales

An old high school friend contacted me asking a favor, we were glad to help her. Then yesterday we were delivered a pleasant surprise...this beautiful floral arrangement, a thank you from my friend! So sweet...unnecessary but thoughtful.

This past weekend my toe was feeling a lot better and I was almost able to walk normally on it again (in case you didn't hear, the week before on the evening we returned home from CA I accidentally hit my pinkie toe and either fractured it or sprained it really bad! Did this to the same toe back in high school). So we decided to check out Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park in Austin. They have a ton of trails which mountain bikers and dogs love! It's also one of the off-leash parks in Austin so we thought it would be fun for Penny and her friend Starla we are dog sitting.

Lets just say the kids enjoyed the first and middle part of our walk. We walked down to the creek and let the dogs and kids splash around. Stephen and I watched all the mountain bikers cross the creek and then (some of them) take a spill going up the steep incline after. LOL

Penny loved her freedom. Only one mishap, Penny and Starla ran off into the woods one time. After we found them we had to keep one on a leash so they wouldn't run off together trying to get into mischief. On our walk back to the car we got a little lost on the trails and took the LONG way around. The kids were tired, hot and thirsty. Madeline had a meltdown. But we survived.

So there's this neighborhood kitten that has a bell around her neck that likes to come and lay on our front porch rocking chairs. We've tried to scare her away but she keeps coming back. And while she lays on the rocking chair she loves to meow and antagonize Penny. Well here is Penny and Starla checking out the kitty.

Thought this was a classic pic! The dogs and Madeline were super interested in the kitty. We've tried opening the front door to let Penny out and scare her, but when we do the kitty hisses at Penny and scares her! LOL


Mickie and Matt said...

Oh what a fun place to go for a walk! Glad to hear your pinky toe is doing better.

Flowers always make a girls day, what a nice surpirse! :)

Armilyn and David said...

A garden hose or sprinkler should take care of that cat.

Wendy said...

the last photo is so cute! Now I have to catch up with you to find out...did you get another dog!?