Friday, April 30, 2010

Crowe's Nest Farm Fieldtrip

On Wednesday Madeline had her 2nd school field trip to go on. I was sad I was unable to chaperon this time. But one of Madeline's classmate's mom emailed me these photos from the farm. They visited Crowe's Nest Farm in Manor, Texas. Above is a photo of Madeline with her friend Olivia. These 2 girls have been sharing a cubby in class all year long.
Can you tell they enjoy each other's friendship?

Here is Madeline's class, and look who is front and center!

Waiting in line for the hayride. I've noticed anytime I've visited Madeline's class that many of the girls in class love to hug each other and hold hands. It's so sweet. Madeline's been so fortunate to start her school career out with such a blessing of a teacher and wonderful classmates. Madeline's just like her daddy and friends seem to swarm around her. Everyone seems to love her. But the shyness in her (which she gets from me) sometimes causes her to feel a bit overwhelmed when kids come up to her. It's so cute.

When Madeline came home from her field trip she said she had so much fun. She got to feed a sheep, goat and a pig. We'll have to go back to this farm as a family so James can see all the animals too.

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Anonymous said...

I keep going back and fourth over your Blog..I love how Princess Madeline and her friend are in this picture..Pinky Promise, Don't forget Mom..