Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Movie Review

Taking Chance
rated NR
We gave this movie *** stars.
Based on an article by Marine Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, this HBO original film tells the story of Strobl's emotional experience traveling across America as a volunteer escort officer for the body of fallen 19-year-old marine Chance Phelps. Along the 2004 journey to Phelps' hometown in Wyoming, Strobl witnesses -- and is moved by -- acts of respect by everyday Americans.
This was a slow paced movie but Stephen and I were drawn to watch it. I know many people who feel there is no need to fuss over some one's dead body (have a funeral or memorial, bury or place their ashes, bring flowers to their site, etc.) because their soul is no longer there, they are gone. While I agree their soul is gone, I believe these acts of kindness and gratitude help us to not forget that life is short. That we should respect and love our neighbors while they are alive. This movie left us feeling very solemn and thankful.

Mee-Shee: The Water Giant
rated PG
We gave this movie *** stars.
The kids and I enjoyed this movie about a boy who tracks down a lake monster in the Canadian wilderness. A typical gentle giant film great for the whole family! Madeline and James were really drawn to the movie and anticipating the exciting parts, they both jumped out of their chairs when Stephen opened our patio door at a tense part. LOL

The Cutting Edge 3
rated PG-13
I gave this movie *** stars.
I watched this one on my own while exercising on my recumbent bike. Don't know about any of you but I loved the original The Cutting Edge. This one is basically the same story line except the roles are switched and it's the girl who is the hockey player. Sort of with a 90210-ish feel. But I enjoyed it and anticipated them doing the Pampchenco move! Great rainy-day-in movie.

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