Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rodeo Austin

The end of last week I started coming down with a head cold. I had a miserable weekend spent on the couch and I think on Saturday I even dozed off a few times, thank you God that my children didn't get into any mischief. Sunday rolled around and now Stephen was feeling under the weather but we had already made plans the week before to meet up with Catlynn, his wife and some of their friends at the Rodeo Austin. So we rested that morning and got ourselves out of the house to meet at the Rodeo. It was actually a gorgeous day out and the kids were excited to go and see Catlynn again. Above we were greeted by Betsy the Rodeo Cow. The kids insisted on wearing their cowboy hats to the Rodeo (true Texans I guess) but James was a bit unsure of Betsy.

As we got our seats inside the arena we were greeted by the Rodeo Horse, again James was a bit unsure which is why he's not in the picture.

One thing James wasn't unsure about, was horsing around with Catlynn! (I can't believe I did not get one picture with Catlynn's sweet wife, Patricia! I just wasn't on my a-game that day).

Our Texas Belle.

And this was the insane carnival ride Catlynn and his military buddy (forgot his name, but Stephen and I thought he passed as a Ben Afleck look-a-like) paid money to ride on. That's their feet you see dangling up top on the right side.

I took 2 videos, one of the performer Joe Nichols who sang after the bull riding. I'm sure you'll recognize the song. And the other is of Catlynn and his friend on that crazy ride!
On Monday I stayed home from work because I was in so much pain from my sinuses, it was causing my teeth to ache. I went to the doctor and turns out I had a really bad sinus infection - 10 days of antibiotics and Mucinex D. Feeling a little better today but not 100%. Just had to share this cute pic of Starla and Penny Lane. We're doggy sitting Starla while our friends the Wrights are in Vegas for Spring break. I love this pic cause I can see and compare the Boxer traits Penny got - looks like she got the broad chest and muscularity of her Boxer dad, but her face/ears/paws definitely came from her Bassett Hound mom.

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Mickie and Matt said...

Ahh I am so sorry that you had such a bad sinus infection! How rough! Glad to see you got out and had a bit of fun this weekend. Those Texas Rodeos do they get any better! I submit that they can not!