Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So our local pop warner football league was looking to sign up more tiny mite players (ages 5-7)/ Stephen and I had spoken before and thought we'd let James try out football when he's 8 or 9 like Stephen did when he was a boy. But when a lady in our neighborhood was recruiting to get more tiny mites, we reconsidered and asked James if he would like to try football this fall instead of a 4th season of soccer. He was interested and excited to try out football!

Well that excitement has faded, and James is a bit discouraged...has even shed a few tears. It's new. It's a lot of equipment to wear. Especially in our hot Texas heat. It's a lot to learn. And James is looking forward to the season ending. Ha! Don't get me wrong, once he's playing in the game he's having fun. And I'm sure as the season continues he will grow to like it more. One good thing, he's on a winning team! They are 2-0.

Isn't he the cutest in his little football uniform!? 

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