Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to school!

Summer is officially over and school is back in session! Last Thursday the kids had back to school night where we got to meet their new teachers and principal. 

On Friday we took advantage of JCPenny's Salon $10 back to school haircuts. Madeline wanted to try something new and thought she would like to have short bangs. After talking with the hairdresser we decided to go for it! Doesn't she look great!!!???

She was super excited with how her hair turned out. James had an appointment too but his hair was still fairly short from his cut several weeks before, so he didn't get another cut.

Last night I got off work a little early which was good because I had to prepare the kids things for the first day of school. I've made it a tradition to write them a little lunch note on the first day of school.

We were up early this more (hence my front porch light still being on). Out the door we go to school, but first mom has to take traditional first day of school pics!!!

Can't believe how much my babies have grown and changed over the years.

These two have this year and next school year together at the same elementary school. Then they won't be together at the same school until they are both in high school!!

I walked the kids to class this morning. Madeline was really excited. They have a 2 story school but only the "big kids" in 4th and 5th grade go upstairs. Well she's UPSTAIRS now. :)

James was a bit nervous this morning, worried about what his 1st grade teacher would expect him to know already. I reassured him his teacher is there to help him learn! :) He felt better after getting to class and working on the fun coloring pages in the morning.

Madeline and James with their friend Ashleigh. Could hardly believe it but it rained this morning on the first day! It's never done that! I took a 1/2 day at work so I could be home for the kids when they got home today, they had a wonderful first day!

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