Monday, October 7, 2013

Blog O Blog...

Has it really been almost a month since my last blog post! :(  There honestly isn't enough time in each day! We've been busy, I finished a room makeover for Madeline's room but I will save that for another post...

The last 2 weeks of September we were busy with birthdays and sickies. First we celebrated Stephen's 36th birthday. The kids and I took him to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, one of our favorite teppan table restaurants. Madeline felt a bit sick during dinner. The very next day she started running a fever. That led to taking both kids to the pediatrician (since Madeline's auto-immune disorder we learned about earlier this year, my mommy gut doesn't hesitate to take her in right away). Results...positive for strep throat. Both kids were put on antibiotics. It was a race with time to get better because Oma and Opa were coming to visit and James had his birthday coming up!

The night my parents arrived the kids had been on antibiotics for several days and back at school. But James took a turn for the worse and started running a high fever and vomiting. He stayed back at home again and luckily bounced back in a day or so. We were doing  some work in our kitchen while my parents were here so we headed out for some Texas BBQ at Milt's for dinner. It was super yummy.

So another perk from my job is getting discounts through the vendors we use. For awhile now we've discussed getting a water softner. And we finally decided to get one - goodbye hard water! The system also comes with a reverse osmosis drinking water system at our kitchen sink. So we decided to upgrade our sink. With the help from my dad we were able to install our new black Mont Blanc Granite sink, it has deeper basins divided 60/40 and we also got a fancy new faucet too!


After! We love it!

And here is the new water softner in our garage. 

The last day of September our baby boy turned 7!

We had his birthday party at our new Chuck E. Cheese's. He had a great time!

My mom and I also brought donuts for his class on his actual birthday. Here he is with his classmates.

Madeline is very family oriented like me and she's also emotional like me. So she loves when family comes to visit and spending time with them. She also gets super sad when they have to leave. She had lots of quality time with Opa this visit. They chatted a lot. 

Worked on school projects together too. Wish we lived closer so the kids could see their grandparents more often. It was a wonderful visit and we miss them already!

James football season is half over and his team remains undefeated. Only 3 more weeks to go.

James Homecoming game is coming up soon so I made him a Homecoming Mum, a Texan tradition. Can't wait for him to wear it. :)

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Justine and Fernando said...

How great to see your parents visiting. They were sure a lot of help. Now I know what a mum is! Hahaha!! I know how hard it is to update. Good to see you again!