Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time is Love

Can you believe it, I actually spent time giving my blog a new facelift and had time to write an update post! Sheesh, this working fulltime thing is kicking my butt on "getting things done". When I was driving home from work today one of my favorite country songs from Josh Turner came on, "Time is Love". Have you heard it? I'll post the music video. I can just relate to the lyrics. My free time is precious now the I work 40+ hours a week. My husband and my kids long for my attention and time. So needless to say, blogging has been on the back burner. But it's been awhile, my hubby is slumbering since he wakes in about 4 hours to get ready for work, so I decided to post a quick update. Random photos from the past couple of weeks...

I'm so lucky to have a hubby with a sense of humor. My blue eyed guy was due for some new specs. He wears contacts most of the time, glasses in the evenings to give his eyes a break. Splurged a little on got these Adidas frames, I think he looks handsome with them.

Couple of weeks ago the kids had their friend Ashleigh sleep over, then we took them all to the Blue Hole swimming hole in Wimberley. 

Kids had a blast on the tree rope swing.

And I enjoyed relaxing in my river tube watching them.

So my bumper got a small dent/scratch last month (my fault, parking lot pole won). :( And I was devasted when a local collision center quoted $567 to fix it! Luckily Stephen got the hook up through the repair guy they used at his work. $100 and she's back to looking new again! :)

We were really blessed to find this young lady. She was our summer nanny and watched the kids for about 7 weeks this summer. She was awesome, kids loved her. We hope she'll continue to sit for us in the future!

I was so excited our local FroYo place had coconut flavor, 
and strawberry, mango and NOW kiwi poppers!

Last week Stephen and the kids went with me to my work to pick up our awesome new oven range. Madeline found my desk, she's a mini-me!

I love my new smooth top, double oven range!!!

So James started Pop Warner Football. Let's just say a ton of practices and our family is worn out most evenings. Looking forward to his games though!

It was back to school night! And I've gotta feeling the kids have fabulous teachers, and are going to have an awesome school year! School starts MONDAY! :)

It was my Oma's birthday this month. My mom emailed me this pic, the day of her birthday they brought flowers to the cemetery. My nephew was with them, I adore this shot of him.

Who is ready for Fall weather??? We are!!! 
Stephen got a hedge trimmer and we planted some flowers for Fall. 

And here is the music video of "Time is Love".
I really like the tone of his voice, great song!

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andria said...

LOVED this post and just being able to catch up on what you have been doing. The Blue Hole swimming hole looks amazing! And I just love your new oven/range. It looks so nice in your beautiful kitchen. And yes, great song as well!