Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Vacation Post...Epcot Part II

107 edited photos later and I find myself posting my last blog post of our Florida vacation from June. Wow! I wish we were still on vacation. At least we have all these wonderful memories to cherish! Continuing with our day at Epcot. While Maureen, Kathleen and I took the girls around to meet all the different princesses - Armilyn and the men took the boys around to different "countries", went on some rides and did some beer tasting (the men not the boys). 
And what do they find in Norway...

The original VIKING of course. :)

They also took the boys to Morocco where they found a craft table. 
Uncle Eric joined in on the coloring project.

Wait a second, Nathan you're not old enough to drive yet!

After these princesses got other princesses autographs we made our way through the rest of the countries, can you guess which country they stopped at here?

Love these girls! Though they may live far apart, 
they definitely enjoy their "cousin time" when they get it!

I wish we had more time with the Carney family, Maureen's sister's family. 
They were a ton of fun at Epcot! We're so glad they joined us.

This was the last ride we went on, Spaceship Earth in the iconic Epcot sphere. 
This is the video Stephen and Madeline made on it.

And here we are, our last parking tram ride of our Disney vacation! 
Can you tell we had fun!?

When we got back to the resort that evening we went for a night swim and BBQ'd by the pool. Love all these peeps - so glad we spent this vacation together!

The next day we caught a morning flight back to Texas with my brother's family. 
We scored and got to sit in First Class. So Stephen ordered a tomato juice and vodka cocktail and James ordered a milk.

And Madeline and I enjoyed our First Class meal.

Back in Texas and on the airport shuttle. I love these last 2 pics, the smiles on our faces, Madeline holding her cousin Alex's hand...pretty much summed up our time together in a nutshell!

Thanks for all the comments on my vacation posts, glad you enjoyed them!

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andria said...

Great pictures, Melissa. This will be a vacation that you will all remember forever!