Monday, April 15, 2013

Where do I begin?

Well it's been weeks since I've posted. What can I say, life got in the way. So where do I begin, what do I blog about. I'll just post random pics from the past month with short descriptions of each. :)

The week after my birthday I volunteered to chaperon Madeline's 3rd grade class to the Austin Zoo.

Madeline has a great teacher and student teacher, you can tell all the students love them.

It was a fun day with the animals!

I forgot why but I bought bottle whipped cream (never do) 
and as you can see Stephen and James had fun with it.

This Easter was actually the FIRST Easter I've ever had to work on. :( 
So before work on Holy Saturday I dyed eggs with the kids.

I made sure to make a bunch of candy filled eggs for them to hunt on Easter Sunday.

Our house guests from Hawaii and Stephen hid them and made it fun for them on Easter. Stephen also took the kids to Easter Sunday Mass.

Stephen and Madeline had a father-daughter date night. He took her to see a Spurs game down in San Antonio. Tickets courtesy of Uncle Steve & Braden.

Their seats were in the nose bleeds. Stephen wanted to scoot down closer but Madeline insisted they sit in their assigned seats and not break the rules. :)

They had a super fun night.

Is it just me or has this boy grown!?

I officially started my new position at work. I'm really enjoying it. And this week I went salary and full time. This job is definitely a blessing!

Remember awhile back when Stephen bought me tickets to see Kenny Chesney for my birthday!? Well we went to his concert, and it was such a good time!

My cousins, Pamela and Ariel, from Houston drove out and joined us at the concert.

Stephen just loves this shot of me the guy in the red shirt.

Kenny sounds awesome live! Sang all my favs!

The professional photographer at the rodeo finally emailed me with some awesome shots she got of James. Our rodeo cowboy still loves to look at his trophy. :)

We went to my coworker, Jennifer's wedding. My boss and coworkers all loved Stephen. 

Thankfully my boss is letting me leave early these last 4 weeks of CCD so I can finish teaching for the school year. My students recently wrote prayers for the needy to decorate our donation box. I'm going to miss teaching CCD next school year.

Soccer season is coming to an end. One more regular game and then the tournament. We've really seen James' skills grow during this, his 3rd season of soccer. He's mastered using both legs to move and kick the ball. I hope he wants to continue with soccer again in the Fall. 
It's fun to watch him.

WHOA that was a lot of catching up and pictures to post. 
Until next time. :)

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andria said...

Even though I kinda know everything that you guys have been up to, it was fun to see all the pics in a blog post. I just love that Madeline insisted her and Stephen sit in their assigned seats...too cute! And yes, James is looking so much taller for sure! Great picture of you and your hubby at the concert. Glad you were able to enjoy a couple outings alone together!