Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebrating my 35th at the Rodeo Y'all!

It's been a busy few weeks, hence the reason I haven't been posting lately. Between the kids school, work, training for my new job position, getting ready for visitors, doc appointments for Madeline, soccer and school events - I haven't had anytime to post. But I had to share the exciting news about how I celebrated my 35th birthday! My actual birthday was on the 21st, it was spent at the doctor's in the morning with Madeline, grocery shopping with my mom, a trip to Lowe's with my parents, a nice early dinner at the Salt Grass in San Marcos, and an evening at an art gallery event for the school district where some of Madeline's art was displayed. I took Saturday off from work to celebrate my birthday at the Rodeo!!! James was signed up to compete in the Mutton Bustin' Mania event...little did we know he'd be leaving with the 1st prize trophy that night!!! 
Way to go James!!!

My parents are visitng and of course they were game to head to the Rodeo with us, they even brought and wore their cowboy boots!

James and Madeline checking out the arena where James will compete.

Stephen's cousin, Braden, just returned from his 2 year missionary work in Mexico for his church. So we invited him and his dad to join us and help cheer James on.

This was James' first time competing in mutton bustin'. He had no practice (well besides on his daddy and sissy's backs!). He was a little nervous and shy around his competition - but I think he was just quietly thinking about his technique he was going to use to win! Go #3!!!!

So I'm going to be a bragging mother and post many photos and videos in this post, 
I hope you don't mind...

This video was taken by James' wild, crazy and LOUD mother. :)

This video was taken by his funny and silly sissy. :)

And this video was taken by his calm & proud Oma. :)


This pic is a little blurry but I love it still. It was right after his ride. He spotted me in the stands and flashed a "hook'em horns" hand sign! That's my boy!

After watching all of the kids, I was pretty sure James held on the longest. This video is of the Rodeo host announcing James as the WINNER!!! We were so excited!!!

He joined us back in the stands with his trophy. So many people walked by and congratulated him. It was awesome! His family was proud of him!

I guess we've got a lil rodeo cowboy on our hands. I'll let you know when his next competition is. :)

So James has been carrying his trophy around everywhere since the rodeo (what kid wouldn't, it's a pretty big trophy!). He even brought it into Chili's restaurant after the rodeo. Our server was so excited for him, the balloon guy made him a sheep, and the manager congratulated him and gave him and Madeline free meals! What a great day it was celebrating my birthday.


Mark Spence said...

This is so cool. I was laughing and cheering through all the videos! This really made my day!

Kristin said...

What a great way to have a birthday celebration! Way to go James!

andria said...

That is just awesome! I'm sure James is having fun telling his friends at school about his first place win. What a FUN week/birthday you had!

Justine and Fernando said...

Wow how awesome!! So happy for him. It has to be a defining moment that he'll look back on when he's older. You guys are true Texans now!

Mickie and Matt said...

A big YEEHAW for James! That is stinkin awesome that he won!!! How fun those videos were AWESOME. So glad you could have a happy birthday too. Free kids meals too? That's great too! Fun stuff glad it was documented well. It's one of those things you brag about in your 20's how you wont the mutton bustin' at the rodeo :)