Sunday, April 21, 2013


After 6 months at my job, working both Saturdays and Sundays I finally get my weekends back with the family!!! I went full time this week and my new days off are Fridays and Saturdays. It works out well because it leaves me Friday mornings to myself to clean and grocery shop, then Friday afternoons/evenings and all day Saturdays with my family!! Also I'm really happy because we can go to Church together as a family again. There is a Mass on Saturday evenings too so it works out great!

On Friday afternoon we headed over to COTA (Circuit of the Americas, only F1 race track in the US) to watch the Moto GP (Motorcycle Grand Prix). Stephen got VIP passes through his work. So it was free for us! :) We got to walk around the paddock area where all the riders and their crews are. Kids took a pic with this professional rider. They are from all over the world! Lots of international tourist were at the races too.

James loved watching the fast motorcycles. They were loud too!

We also were near the middle of the track where the emergency helicopter sat. It actually had to take off, looks like an elderly man was brought out on a stretcher and air lifted to a near by hospital.

COTA! So cool we have this venue here in Austin.

It was really cool to see how fast the motorcycles go, and how sharp they take the turns

While I worked today, Stephen took the kids back for round 2 of the 3 day event. Look who they met!? Barry from the show Storage Wars!!!

This weekend marked the 2 month mark until our Orlando vacation!!! I've gotten some great advice from cousin Michaela on tips for Disney World since they lived there for the summer. She suggest getting a camel backpack to stay hydrated in the parks. I've been pricing them out at sports stores, but found this one for a great deal $19 at Sam's Club this weekend. Anxious to test it out and see how it works. 

Saturday was James' last regular soccer game of the season. I've missed his last 2 games because of work. So I was excited to see him play. I will also get to see him play in his tournament next Saturday. I asked him how many goals he would score for mommy, he said 10. And I think he scored 18! He's become a stud at soccer!

And to end my weekend, after Church on Saturday evening my neighbor/friend, Kristen and her daughter Cheyenne invited Madeline and I to join them and their best friends for some manicures and pedicures! It was perfect because I was looking into trying out shellac. Now that I am consulting I have to point to a lot of things in the studio. So I am always self conscious on how my nails look. So far I like the shellac. We'll see how long it lasts.

And of course the girls loved getting their nails done!

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