Saturday, September 8, 2012


Before I write an update (it's been awhile since I've blogged), I must say our kiddos have pretty awesome grandparents. Some people grow up not getting to know their grandparents for a number of reasons. I'm thankful, even though we live thousands of miles away, our kids know their grandparents. They know their love from them, they experience their kindness and thoughtfulness, and they are always super-duper excited to see and visit with them a couple times a year. May God bless Nana & Poppi and Oma & Opa this Grandparents Day (September 9th) and every day!
We love you!

The past 2 weeks have sort of been a roller coaster, well for me anyway.  It's been emotional with highs and lows dealing with several things: getting back into a school/work routine/lack of sleep, worrying about health issues for a loved one, being hurt & disappointed by some people, missing family, adding busyness to our schedule and getting sick. I'm feeling like I need to withdraw, and be in silence & prayer in order to get back to feeling positive again. Thankful I have a sensitive and understanding husband who I can turn to and not hide my feelings. I'm going to try and get back to blogging more again, it's a positive outlet for me.

We went on some fun family outings this past Labor Day weekend and this weekend, helps me get my mind off things. We took the kids bowling, they were super excited to go. 

They loved watching their balls roll down the lane.

I think James' favorite part about bowling, is bowling alley food. This kid loves some nacho cheese! This big smile was also right before one of his turns where he slipped and fell, dropped the bowling ball and it landed right on top of his thumb. :( It instantly turned red and I knew it was going to throb and bruise. Poor little dude. He finished his game though and did well. It has been over a year since we've bowled and I surprised myself by getting 4 strikes! 3 of them in a row to make a turkey! Not bad. Stephen couldn't believe it and tried really hard at the end to beat me, but he failed. :)

 A few days ago James had his first soccer practice. What a difference a season makes, this time James had control of his ball and had fun playing. Thursdays will be busy for us because both James and Madeline will have practice back to back. Can't wait for their first games which will be next Saturday!
 We also visited iHop. :) A new one is opening right by our house soon! I loved their stuffed crepes and waffles. Mmmmmm. Luckily our pool is staying open through September, so the other evening we took a refreshing dip. The kids love to swim with their Daddy.

 Lastly today we took the kids to see a 3D movie and the iMax. They've been asking to see a 3D movie. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed it. Afterwards we got lunch and tried Torchy's Tacos. Our friend Bill has recommended them for some yummy tacos - 
and he was right they were really good!


Mickie and Matt said...

Sorry you have been having a rough go cuz. Hope you are doing better and we'll say prayers for you. Let me know if there is anything I can do from afar. Funny because about 2 weeks ago I too was having a ROUGH few days. Poor Matt was riding the "roller coaster" with me and not even knowing he was on the ride I blindsided him one day with a fit of tears poor guy.

ANYWAY, looks like a ton of stuff going on, fun going bowling and swimming and movies AND soccer! Ty just started soccer today too! He is too young for league around here so he is just in "lessons" but he love love LOVED it this morning. I am going to post about it soon.

Oh and yes, you do have fantastic in-laws and parents who are wonderful grandparents to your children. That is QUITE the blessing because grandparents are the BEST.

Carl Brighton said...

Even though you guys are miles away from your parents, I do believe that they still are worthy to be known and accepted by their grandchildren. Their strength of character and good values will always inspire your kids and direct them into having a great life. =)

Carl Brighton