Monday, August 13, 2012


This weekend we drove to Houston for a night. My Tante (Dutch for Aunt) was visiting from Holland and staying with my family in Houston. We saw her a couple years ago when she came for a visit. But the last time we saw her in Holland was back in 2003. Stephen and I really need to bring the kids to Holland for a visit to see her and my cousin's family. We decided to take her and my cousin Ariel to the Downtown Aquarium for the afternoon with the kids.

It was busy there but we still had fun seeing all the beautiful fish and animals. The kids went crazy taking pictures with my camera, that my camera battery finally dies. :( So I didn't get many shots.

Towards the end of touring the aquarium there is a tank where you can touch and feel sting rays and sharks (the small ones). It was pretty cool and James really liked it! We'll hopefully see my Tante again as they are coming out our way for a little 3 day trip and staying in a time share near by.

Also this weekend on Friday night James had his first sleepover, his buddy Aaron from across the street came over to stay the night.
The boys were super excited, can't you tell. :) We had pizza and ovaltine chocolate shakes for dinner, popcorn and diet root beer floats for dessert with a movie. So I turned the lights out around 9:30pm. But they ended up staying up until almost midnight! At first they were being silly and talking, but then they swore they heard noises from the toys in the loft (they were sleeping on an air mattress in the loft). So moved them to James' bunk bed in his room. But a half hour later, Aaron said he couldn't fall asleep because he was used to listening to music when he went to bed. So back in the loft they went and I put on some soft tunes on the TV with Pandora. They finally fell asleep. :) They woke pretty early a little after 6am...that's okay though we had to get ready to head to Houston anyway. Made eggs and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 
I think James liked his first sleepover.

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