Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Things

 I placed an Amazon order last week. We want to put our new TV on a swivel wall mount, and Amazon has the best deals for those. So I was browsing the site and decided to get a new cover for our iPad. I love the silicone cover I got my phone. Thought it would be nice to have one for the iPad, only I still wanted a stand for it too. Well this one had both those factors! And it only cost $17 including shipping. I love it! I also bought an inexpensive sleeve to put it in whenever we take it somewhere. You really can't beat the prices on Amazon for stuff like this.

 Counting down until school...yesterday I noticed James still has trouble holding his pencil correctly. While he was at our friend's for daycare earlier this year, she did home school with James and her son. She also had these cool pencil grips to help them hold their pencils. James said he liked them and it helped him hold his pencil better. I emailed Madeline's old Kindergarten teacher and asked her if she and the other teachers allowed the students to use these, she was fine with them and was pretty sure the other teachers would be. Kate told me she got them from a school supply store nearby where she buys some of her home school stuff. They happen to be closing the store, so they were having a storewide sale of 50%. Got 4 of these for under a $1 each. :) Hopefully after using these awhile he'll feel comfortable holding it the correct way.

Oh and this isn't a new thing but I thought I'd add this pic to the post. Madeline and James are getting sick of each other at times since they've been spending 24/7 together this summer. It leads to lots of teasing, bickering, fighting and crying. So tonight while I was writing this post, these 2 spent 45 minutes in their rooms for fighting. After I had them come down, asked them if these long timeouts were worth fighting, asked them to tell me something nice about each other, and then made them hug for 1 minute long. :)

School can't start soon enough! LOL

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