Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Makeover at work

 So at my job business is expanding. And so are our workspaces. Our building has grown thousands of square feet, rooms and spaces are being moved around. And since we're an art company everything is getting redecorated too. :) We also have a very famous and huge publisher coming to visit, we're seeking them as a potential client/partner. So we've redone our lobby/gallery. My brother and sister in-law will probably recognize the publications we've hung up as art. I love all the vintage photography and art.

We wanted our lobby gallery to have the feel of a true art gallery. So they re did the flooring and walls this weekend. I think it looks great! This image above of the woman reading is a new favorite of mine. I wish now a days women were still expected to dress up like this.

They are moving departments around in the new building space. When I first started here 4 years ago, my cubicle was in this room. Now it is our new break room! With a bar, ping pong and game table, television and comfy seating. The wall mural you see is artwork by one of our exclusive artists that I just color corrected last week. It's neat to see the stuff I work on go up on walls.

This is the current space I work in with 4 other gals. I sit in the middle station, and the artwork on the wall is what I am currently working on. I'll be moving spaces in the next month to the new building space. Our room will be twice the size. 
Exciting stuff happening, I'm fortunate to work for such a fun company!


Mickie and Matt said...

Wow that is quite the expansion in just the short time that you've been working for them. I think it's really fun to grow with a company. So in 5 more years you can say, well when I started there were only X amount of employees and we didn't even HAVE the ______ account! Fun.

I do love artwork, I need WAY more of it in my home I just never know what to hang. Someday when I get to my living room i'll have to message you and get some good suggestions on what you think would look nice.

p.s. congrats to Stephen at his work too on his awesome award :)

Sassy Sarah said...

Your work looks amazing! What a really cool place to work.

I am not an artsy type, so I always have these thoughts that artsy people must have the best work environment.