Sunday, August 5, 2012

River Tubin' & Hot Air Balloons

If you're a regular here you might have noticed my blog makeover. Getting geared up for the kids to start school! There is a count down ticker at the top of the posts. We're counting down until Madeline starts 3rd grade & James starts Kindergarten! Very soon!

 This weekend was a short one since Stephen had to go into work today on his normal day off to cover for those on vacations. So we decided to do something fun yesterday and took the kids tubin'. It was a pretty busy day on the San Marcos river off of the Pecan Park campground, but it was still fun and most of the college students on the river weren't too obnoxious. ;) We own our own tubes, so we just had them blown up and paid $5 for the shuttle service. So it's definitely an inexpensive fun thing for us to do.

It's very cool this beautiful river is only 15 minutes from our home. I really do enjoy floating along and enjoying the nature. For awhile we had this 4 legged puppy floating along side us, his name was Rusty. He was calm and just relaxed in his tube. It was too cute!

Stephen enjoyed himself, except for at the very end when we were getting out of our tubes and his flipped tossing his flip flops into the river. It was a hot walk back to the car for him. We took one pit stop along the river so the kids could play in the small rapids. They love the water.

There were a lot of dragonflies flying along the river, and these 2 decided to hitch a ride on Madeline's arm. They stayed there for a good minute or so. :)

A lot of the college students floating by us noticed James had a water squirter, so they kept asking him to squirt them or their friends. James had a BALL with that. In this pick he's reloading and getting ready to shoot!

Tubin' will definitely be a tradition for our family to do every summer. It was funny because Stephen always makes fun of me for being a country music fan and can't believe I subject the kids to listen to it. I tell him, they are songs about life. :) Well while on the river a few college kid groups had cooler radios and were listening to tunes while floating. There was the mellow, calm, nice kids listening to country and then there were some rowdy, loud mouthed, beer guzzling kids listening to some fowl language rap. I asked which group Stephen wanted our kids to be in. LOL 
And finally a video of us going down the river.

This morning when we woke up and I let Penny outside, she was growling and barking. I looked out back and in the fields across our country road I thought I saw a parachute...but it was actually a hot air balloon filling up and getting ready to fly. They went right over our backyard! They hear Penny barking at them and saw James and I watching them, so they yelled and waved hello. It was so cool!


Christina said...

Love the new blog look!

Tubing looks really fun. My husband and I wanted to do this on our honeymoon, but it rained for the entire trip! Someday. :)

Sassy Sarah said...

The new blog looks awesome! :)

Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

Mickie and Matt said...

Tubin' sounds fantastic! Looks like you guys had a blast doing it too. How nice that it is so close.

Hotair balloons are really cool too! I remember when I was a kid one came down pre-maturely in our neighborhood and the owners gave a few of the on looking kids mini-rides up and down. Of course it was the one time when I was 9 that I took a nap... dang. Haha