Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 13)

Well of course my first take must be to wish my mom #2 (hubby's mom) a very happy birthday today (Aug 3rd)!!! We love you mom! We love you nana! I love these pics of her. The left one is back in the day, she made a legacy being a team mom for all 4 of her boys. She knows her sports and has taught me a lot about them and being a team mom. The pic in the middle is her and my hubby. I love her beaming smile. She is a proud and supportive mom - love that about her. The pic on the right is our family with her and dad at a wedding. She is such a loving, caring and giving nana. And those are only a few of her many great qualities. Happy Birthday mom, praying the Lord blesses you with many more birthdays ahead!!!

Something that made me cry this week...

I love seeing others experience joy.

Newsflash....Christians...Catholics and Protestants united yesterday. Awesome right?
I didn't make my way over the Chick-fil-a as I knew my kids all too well - they would whine SO much having to wait such a long time in line. But I do support the values I share with this company. The Church has always held the view of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony are between a man and a woman, and it will always remain that way. I'm not a hater or discriminator to those that believe differently. I just believe that a family unit should be a mother, father and child. I believe one of the tenants of marriage is to be open to new life, therefore same sex marriages could never fulfill this tenant naturally. We have some family and acquaintances whom are homosexual and I care for them a great deal. And like my other family and friends I would always treat them with love and respect.

I can't believe it's August!! My kids start school in 24 days!!! Madeline will start 3rd grade and our baby James will start Kindergarten. I can hardly believe it! School supplies are bought. Most of the shoe and clothes shopping is done. I'm so excited for them!!

Do any of you have an "auto rosary"? Many people, non-Catholics and Catholics included, have used the rosary and/or crucifix as fashion wear. Some people buy and display them as beautiful artwork. Of course a rosary was not introduced for these purposes but as a devotional aide in prayer to God & recalling the life of Jesus Christ. I've been using the rosary as an aide to guide me through my prayers and devotions a lot more this past year. I'm more focused and less likely to be distracted when I am praying with a rosary. So I was excited to see a man in my local community posting on our online community garage sale FB group that he hand makes rosaries, including bracelet and auto versions of it - and for really reasonable prices. Since I just got a new car I thought it would be great to get an auto rosary. He specially made one for me with my favorite color (purple) glass beads and the crucifix I wanted. It's really similar to the one on the left in the photo. So now it hangs on my rear view mirror. It's a great reminder that I can pray while in my car, even James says to me when it catches his eye from the back seat, "Mama, don't forget we have to pray!".

My last two takes will be about yummy food. Why? Because I love yummy food. :)
The kids and I made these beignets yesterday. They were SUPER yummy and EASY to make. 

Have you ever received an edible arrangement? Well we just did!! :) Our friends that got married last weekend sent us this as a thank you for being their witnesses and helping out with the wedding. It was so sweet, both in sentiment and taste!


Chad and Crystal said...

Can't believe James is headed to kindergarten!! Our babies grow up so fast!

Mickie and Matt said...

Yeah I barely held back the tears in the Bieber video too. I have a soft spot for people with Down Syndrome. They are so full of love and don't know how to be any other way. It's awesome.

I heard about that Chic-fil-A Day and share the same values, I am glad a ton of people showed support for that I was beginning to think that those with our beliefs were dwindling. There are a lot more than I thought!

Can't believe James is starting school either! I love Back to School time seeing all the supplies. I want to buy them all even with out having any kids in school. So fun!

I'll have to think about making those beignets then if you say they were easy, did you watch Princess and the Frog while eating them?

The Edible Arrangement looks lovely AND tasty! How kind of your friends what a sweet way to show their thanks.

LASTLY Happy Birthday Aunt Evey!

Christina said...

I was so encouraged by the outpouring of support for Chick Fil A. Even our Chicagoland news networks (which tend to censor conservative events) had it front and center on Wednesday. I'm hoping these same folks come out to vote in November.

I really like that rosary. :) I don't have an auto rosary yet. I suppose I need one. Might go well with my bumper sticker that reads "Anti-Catholicism is a tradition of men." ;)