Monday, August 27, 2012

My Babies Started School Today!

Time has really flown by! Today we have a Kindergartener & a 3rd Grader!
Last night we got everything ready. Had them take their showers and get ready for bed around 7:45. James thought it was strange they had to go to bed when it was still "during the day". Sun sets here around 8. They finally went to bed nervous and excited. I heard a thump late in the night, that would be James getting out of his bed and crawling into ours to cuddle. And Madeline woke in the middle of the night needing some water. Nerves...
First up, traditional photos by our front door. :)
I think Madeline grew a foot over the summer!

Our handsome baby boy!

James and Madeline will go to the same school together for the next 3 years, then they won't be in school together again until high school when Madeline will be a senior and James will be a freshman! Crazy to think of what the picture in front of our door will look like!

Madeline is a pro at this school thing now. But I still walked her to class as I always do the first week of school. Snapped a couple pics (not too embarrassing) & said goodbye!

The Kinder teachers always make their classrooms and hallway so cheerful, bright and colorful! When we went school clothes shopping this summer James insisted on wearing his favorite colors, blue and green, on the first day. Doesn't he look handsome!?

He was happy to see his teacher whom he met last Thursday. She told him to pick a cubby to hang his backpack. He of course picked cubby #5, it's his favorite number since he's...well ya know 5!

He found his desk and sat down right away and started coloring.

 I think one of the things James is most excited about in going to school (besides learning really fun stuff and playing on the playground) is meeting new friends!! I would say both my kids are on the shy side with new people, but James is definitely more social able. He asked me, "Mommy can I talk to the kids in my class and on my bus even though they're strangers?" or "Mommy can I make friends with the kids that sit next to me on the bus?". Of course you can! So when Sandra (his classmate who sits next to him) sat down this morning I heard James say to her, "Hi what's your name again?". :) Then they started talking about what color crayons they were going to use to color their school house. It was so darn cute!

When we left the house this morning and he was still nervous he asked, "Mommy on the first day of Kindergarten your mommy gets to stay with you the whole day right?". So as he saw the other parents come and drop their students off I asked him, "Honey are you okay if Mommy goes now?" and with confidence he nodded his head yes. Gulp. I know he's going to do just fine! Can't wait to hear how their first day went!


kell said...

So sweet. I love the photos of Madeline over the years. My how she has grown! I still have one of her and me on my computer from when she was a baby.

Mickie and Matt said...

WOW! Just growing so fast!

Sometimes I think I can't wait for the kids to be in school, now I am thinking I need to go up stairs and cuddle with Ty while he naps because he will be in Kindergarten too soon!

Can't wait to hear about all the new friends and adventures this year. What a fun change.