Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Decor Inspiration

For the most part our home is pretty much fully decorated wall wise. Before we moved in we painted the dining, family, kitchen nook, and kids bed rooms. Shortly after we moved in we painted our loft, master bedroom, powder bathroom and arch way. The only walls still white are our kitchen, front entry, stairwell (ugh I hate seeing the kids dirty finger prints all the way up them), upstairs hallway and both upstairs bathrooms. Of course I have an itch to paint them but they will take some work and time since they are a bit more difficult. We also have a lot of art on our walls since I get such a great perk from work. But sometimes I feel like I want to change some out. Or do something creative like this idea above that I saw on Pinterest. It's just a 2x4 painted white with some hooks, would be perfect by our front door (right now I just have a large abstract piece of art there) for the kids to hang their school backpacks. I put one hook in several years ago under our kitchen bar counter for Madeline's backpack, but now that James is starting school this would be perfect! Think this will be my August project.

Today at my work this picture was posted on our Yammer. It's from one of our customers who ordered a photo wall covering for their stairwell. I LOVE how it turned out, great focal point. Now I want to do something like this for our stairwell instead of painting it. 

This isn't really "home decor" but I thought I'd share the pic on this post anyway. So we got a new TV this weekend to replace our 55" that was still under warranty (I think it got zapped from the storm we had several weeks ago). I reorganized our home entertainment shelves and also organized all the cords and plugs. Got this idea from Pinterest too. Saved a bunch of my bread bag ties and used them to label and distinguish which is what cord. I love it!


childrens wall stickers said...

Your home is so cool,i like wall decals

Mickie and Matt said...

Oh I love pinterest for that reason alone. Good ideas on decor! I am a great copy cat terrible at thinking things up on my own. Good idea with the bread tags too! Do you have all those cords plugged into a surge protector? Is that why the TV went out or was it all ready plugged into one? My Dad is all about the Surge Protectors. Can't wait to see how your finished product turns out!

Sassy Sarah said...

That bag tie idea is awesome! Our cords are a jumbled mess.

and you all looked so handsome and pretty at the wedding!