Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doilies & Lemons = Inexpensive Décor

I had pinned some decoration ideas for Madeline's First Communion party. I wanted a dainty, girly feeling to tie into the look and theme of her First Communion dress and veil. I thought these doily scrapbook paper mobiles and lemon mason jar floral arrangements were perfect...and inexpensive. I paid about $1 per doily package. And 22 cents per scrapbook paper for the mobiles. For the floral arrangements I bought a bag of lemons for under $2 and 2 bunches of spring flowers from Sam's Club for $7 each. I had everything else I needed. For the mobiles I found bowls with the same circumference as the inner circles of the doilies, used them as a template on my scrapbook paper and cut out perfect circles.

Next I folded 2 doilies in half, then proceeded to tape their edges together along with taping a piece of thread down the center. After I taped both sides I opened each doily and adhered a scrapbook paper circle (I prayed adhesive glue on the back of the circles). And that's it, you're done and ready to hang your mobiles.

I thought they turned out pretty. They would slowly spin. And I love the color pop they gave. I hung them over the cake and food tables.

You can see them here too. I forgot to take closeup pics of my floral arrangements. I like how they turned out too. I love the ideas I can get from Pinterest!

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