Monday, April 23, 2012

Posting Rut

Sorry to all of my faithful blog readers, I've been in a posting rut this month (averaging maybe 1 post a week). Have had a lot going on.

On the bright and fun side we're researching to buy a new car. My faithful Sentra is 15 years old now, it's time to get a new car. So these are our top choices...

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Elentra (looks like a smaller version of the Sonata)

Chevy Cruze

Honda Civic

We want another car that will give us great gas mileage and all of these give 35-40mpg highway. They are in order to the body shape I like best. We like that Hyundai has that 10 year warranty. The Cruze has a lot of pep and I like how it looks and how it feels (if you watch Hawaii 5-0 Kono drives this car on there). And the Civic has a really good reputation.

So which one do you like best?


Mickie and Matt said...

Oooohhhh I'll taaaaaaakkkke, any of them :) They all look like good options. My parents LOVE their Hyundai Sante Fe, they say it's a good car maker... but the honda civic is always a good bet. The Chevy would be good too in case WAY down the road it needs to be fixed, those are usually less expensive than the foreign cars. Decisions Decisions... Can't wait to see what you choose! More importantly... which COLOR! :)

Kelly Spence said...

I like the looks of the Cruze, but I don't love Chevy. Tough one. Civics do have a good rep. Good luck.

Sassy Sarah said...

Do I get to vote for the Jetta...hehe my new car! :)

My second choice was the Civic. It's great on gas mileage and Honda's last forever. My sister-in-law has one and it's over 175k miles and still runs like brand new!

Hope you have a fabulous week!