Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy Saturday

This Saturday marked the day for James' last soccer match of the season. SMAYSO put on a big tournament that day, had bounce houses at the soccer field and face painting. So it was a fun way for the kids to end the season. We brought along James' best buddy, Aaron, so he could see James play and join in on the fun festivities too. 

The kids all got medals from the league after their last game that day. One of the other parents bought them all plastic trophies, and I personalized them with their names. Here they are with their coach (a Texas State University student) and James is 2 over from the coach. The coach was about 6'6", so he looked like a giant to the kids.

This was James' last goal he made, too fast for my camera. The ball is already in the net and James' is standing next to the goal post posing for me to take a pic, and I think he was also debating and thinking about doing his celebratory booty shaking dance. LOL

As the volunteer team Mom, I got the kids these soccer cupcakes from Sam's Club and brought them pizza. I enjoyed being the team Mom which consisted of putting together a snack schedule and sending out email and reminders to parents. Many of the parents expressed their appreciation to me. I was glad to do it and give of my time. It was great getting to know all of these families. We had a fun season. And I think we'll be signing James up again, Madeline too next time.

After the soccer tournament one of Madeline's best friends, Ashleigh, was making her First Holy Communion. So we headed to Mass to see her receive this most special and holy Sacrament. She looked so beautiful in her dress and veil.

Here are all the Communicants from that evening. Every child looked so nice. It really was a special evening.  Madeline will make her First Communion in less than 2 weeks!

And here is Ashleigh with her parents, Victor and Melisa. The Medina family has really become great friends of ours and we were happy we could be there that evening to celebrate with them!

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Sassy Sarah said...

Fun weekend! James looks like he's having a blast playing soccer. And the first communion dresses are gorgeous!!