Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This past Sunday we met the Lane family at the ballpark to watch a Round Rock Express game. We had a great time! A storm rolled through right before the game but then it remained overcast the rest of the time, perfect weather (not too sunny or hot) to watch an afternoon baseball game. We got lawn seats and the kids played. The game went into extra innings and the Express won 11-10 in the 12th inning. 


Mickie and Matt said...

How fun is that!!! I have been itching to go to a game too, but there aren't any Minor or Major teams near us... well the Mariners but they are 3 hours away. Maybe if they play a team we like. That is great more friends of yours moved to the area too!

Sassy Sarah said...

Seeing a baseball game is so much fun! I grew up with a brother who played baseball, so I spent most of my summers at various field around Western New York!

There's something so fun about the parks though...the game, the excitement, the snacks!

Looks like a fun family night!

I just realized that my Pinterest friended you for me. I just joined and I wonder if it pulled you from my blogger account? It's pretty fun and addicting! Now I need to throw some more parties to use all the good ideas.