Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Childhood Friend

 When I was just a little younger than James, I met and made friends with a little boy named Sohrab who lived across the street. Sohrab and his sister Yassi, and my brother Tason and myself all became best of friends. We spent many summers swimming at their house and playing hide and seek out front of our house. They moved to a different city after grade school but we kept in touch. They came to my wedding and family parties when we came to town. It's probably been about 8 years since we've seen Sohrab at a family party when Madeline was a baby. So I was happy to hear from him when he emailed last week that he would be in town on business and for a wedding. Stephen, the kids and I met him at the Hula Hut tonight for dinner.

 How can you not love this handsome face? :)

 This was the view from our table. We sat out on the patio deck. A lake Austin sunset.

We had a nice visit catching up and hearing about his business and travel adventures. And thanks to my honey, Stephen, for taking the pics!

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