Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Pinterest has helped when making our weekly dinner menu. This week we tried making these Mini Deep Dish Pizzas. They were super easy. All you need is the Pillsbury Pizza Dough, small can of tomato sauce, mixed shredded cheese, Italian seasoning and pepperonis. The kids didn't want to put theirs in the cupcake pan, they wanted to make their own personal pizzas instead. All you do is slice your dough evenly and flatten them on the bottom of the cupcake pan. Spread some sauce on. Sprinkle with seasoning and cheese and top with pepperoni. Bake according to the direction on the dough can. I think they took about 10-11 min.

They were yummy! I made homemade buttermilk ranch and a green salad to go along with it. Super easy. We'll definitely be making these again!

It was a busy week for us. Was working on a fun surprise project that I will have to share next weekend. But I'm happy that I finished it. It's a rainy weekend, and James' soccer match got canceled. We've got some errands to run. First Communion dress shopping for Madeline. And we're going to visit one of my high school girl friends who moved here to the Austin area with her family last week. They had a brand new house built. Excited to see them.

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