Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Deal - iPad 2 Cover Review

I was super excited to see my new cover for my iPad arrived in the mail today! I love finding great deals or bargains. And I wasn't going to get one with an Apple Smart Cover retailed for around $40 (I was lucky enough to get a discount on the iPad 2). Besides I wanted one that would protect the front and back of my iPad. After searching through tons of covers on Amazon, I found this one!

I love the sleekness of it. 
It also rotates 360 degrees so you can stand your iPad up vertical or horizontal.

And then when you are done you just fold it closed, it activates the sleep/wake function on the iPad. This cover cost $15.99. I told you, a sweet deal. I am super happy with it. 

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Site pleas??? I want this one to ^^