Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinterest & TinyPrints

So who is still NOT on Pinterest? Really!? You should be. I love being able to pin ideas from the web onto my virtual pin boards. And I love that when I click on them, they take me right back to the website I  found them on! Awesomeness. So over Christmas we received tons of really cute photo cards from family and friends that used TinyPrints. I loved the quality of these cards, and the layout graphics were what I liked too. So I got to thinking, I couldn't possibly order our Christmas cards through them. With our 105+ mailing list it would just be too expensive. But I could possibly use them for Madeline's First Holy Communion invitations/announcements coming up in a few months. I'm not planning on mailing them out to everyone, just people who are local and could possibly attend and then immediate family. I already started a pin board for Communion dress ideas, so I've added to it with TinyPrints invites too!

So many cute invites!

These are my 2 favorite dresses I've found. I'm going to let Madeline look at all the dresses I've pinned and then pick her favorite. I want something simple, modest and not too many embellishments since she will be wearing my mom's vintage chapel mantilla veil 
(don't want it to clash). 

So all you Pinsters (a.k.a. A pinning gangster), which one of your boards do you seem to add pins to the most?

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Kelly said...

I love Tiny Prints! I use them for everything.

I have been pinning a lot of recipes and also a ton of ideas for the perfect house. Hopefully we will be moving in the next few months :)