Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Outings with Oma & Opa

When we returned home from New Orleans with my parents, we took them on a couple of fun outings. When we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns this summer for the Spence Round Up Reunion we thought this would really be a place my parents would enjoy seeing. So we headed down to the caverns.

When we went this summer, I forgot my camera. When we went again this time, I forgot my camera. LOL So these pics were actually taken by my mom. The caverns are really a spectacular sight to see. It's amazing how all this stone and rock formed through the years.

At first you feel like you are walking through a Disneyland ride and that everything is fake. But it's real. These historical caverns were discovered in 1960 by 4 college students. Because of a cool draft felt in a small crawlway, these students went further to explore the passageways to the caverns.

The kids enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Madeline had questions for our tour guide this time. And Oma & Opa were snapping away with pictures.

Many of the formations were given names (kind of like naming figures/things you see in clouds). 
Madeline next to the "Fairy Castles".

I like this one of James looking up. We had a great tour. And worked up an appetite going down and up 200+ feet inside the caverns. So we brought Oma & Opa to Pluckers to eat. 
Dad got his Blue Moon beer at Pluckers and was happy about that.

Another outing we did was to go and see the Buda Trail of Lights. It was our first time seeing them as well. We parked and then took a bus over to the historical Stagecoach Park. They had a beautiful setup and it was a great night to walk the trails. Coffee, hot cocoa and cookies in hand - everyone really enjoyed the sights.

Local businesses had displays set up. 
This one was by the dance school that Madeline used to attend. 

"Merry Christmas Y'all!"

Santa was also at the Trail of Lights. Was able to capture this great shot. We had a lot of fun with Oma & Opa visiting!

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