Thursday, November 3, 2011

Newbie on the block

Our friends that live across the street and have a boy James' age (James' best bud Aaron) have been wonderful neighbors and friends. Kate has helped us out this year watching James on days Stephen needed to go in early to work. It was a blessing. So I wanted to do the same for her as she was nearing the end of her pregnancy expecting their 4th boy (they also have 1 year old twins). I was able to watch Aaron and the twins for her when she had her weekly doc appointments. And I was able to help out along with their other friend the day she went into labor. Meet baby Lance, he's the newbie on our block.

I asked Kate if I could come over and take some pics of Lance so I could practice photo editing with my new CS5. I thought the photos turned out pretty good considering I only have a point and shoot digital camera. I used the manual settings and tried my best with the natural lighting.

He's only 9 days old - what a cutie huh!?

He just wanted to sleep and have his binky the whole time, so I think he was a little annoyed we were moving him. But he did great! So fun to be around a newborn.


Kelly said...

You did a great job! He is adorable.

andria said...

Good pictures, Melissa! Also enjoyed catching up on your blog!

Sassy Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures!!

And seriously, there's nothing like snuggling a new baby, is there? (Shh...don't tell the Hubster! :)

Anonymous said...

Great shots....they look professional!!!

Heather Cruz

Anonymous said...

Great shots....they look professional!!!

Heather Cruz

Michaela said...

What a cutie! You did a great job with the pictures Melissa!