Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogging Pays Off

I devote a lot of time to blogging, it's something I enjoy doing. So I was super thrilled when my work asked me to be on a team of bloggers for my work's blog. I've been e-interviewing the artists whose work we publish and then posting about it. I asked for help both here on my personal blog and on my Facebook to visit, like and comment on my posts. Well it paid off, I earned the most points in October for blogging! I was able to pick from several rewards and choose a gift card to the Alamo Drafthouse. It's one of our favorite date night spots, dinner & a movie all there for you. Can't wait to use it. What good movies are out now?

Some of you may follow my 365 daily photo blog, Shutterbug Ma'am. Or maybe not. But I've reached a milestone on there, I've taken over 265 daily photos and I've got less than 100 to go! Can't believe it. It's been fun and challenging - can't wait to put my 365 photos into a coffee table photobook when I'm done.


Sassy Sarah said...

Congrats on all the accomplishments! I'm thinking of trying to do a 365 photo blog in hopes of getting better with my photography. But it's such a giant commitment. Maybe if I can get through blogging every day in November, I'll try to do it for 2012!

Kelly said...

That's so awesome! Great job!!!!