Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Letter

Wow the holidays are approaching quickly! Anyone else feel like that? I need to really start writing my annual Christmas letter. Found this cute letter idea on Pinterest:
I also need to get cracking on taking a portrait of the kids to send out with my letter. Instead of having it done in a studio this year I am trying to find a great outdoor location to take one of them. Maybe I'll get it done this weekend. :) I wish Michaela or Kelly lived close by so they could take the photos, they both take such awesome photos! Oh and this year I'm sticking with printing my photos at our local Sam's Club...not using ArtsCow and having them arrive several days before Christmas. LOL
I did just get my awesome custom return address label stamp from Expressionery. Can't wait to stamp those on my Christmas letter envelopes! And then there is getting ready for gift shopping. Anyone see any good Black Friday ads yet? In past years we've been looking to buy a TV or computer. This year we really don't need anything, so I'm just keeping my eyes peeled for good deals on gifts for the kids. I already told Stephen what I want, the very cool and sleek looking toaster convection oven from Sam's Club. I know, boring right. But it's really what I want (besides an all expense paid trip to the islands somewhere).


Mickie and Matt said...

I saw one of those stamps on pickyourplum.com this morning. My sister is ordering one and wanted me to get one too, the mor eyou buy the cheaper they are... anyway I didn't since this is a rental and we are moving to another house next May...

Yeah I need to get on that Christmas stuff too! Ditto on the Artscow thing, bah that was terrible huh!

I wish I lived closer to Kyla and Kelly too they would do some cute ones for us! Instead I think I may ask my brother to do a quick shoot while we are in Medford for Thanksgiving.

I don't have anything in mind for Christmas... Matt and I are treating ourselves to a Hawaiian vacation instead! Which reminds me I need to get with you on a rental car...

Anonymous said...

I love your Christmas letter! Looking forward to it this year.

I have been wanting one of those stamps too, but we are also in a rental, so I figured I would just wait.

Sassy Sarah said...

I just got one of those stamps for my in-laws for Christmas! It turned out so cute and I can't wait to give it to them.

It's hard to believe that we're already on the hunt for Christmas items, huh? My shopping hit a snag when my husband announced he didn't want an iPad. Ever. There goes my idea! hehe

Also - I'm frustrated that my posts aren't showing on your blog roll...I promise I'm keeping up with NaBloPoMo!!

Michaela said...

Yes it's approaching so fast! I was hoping to have our cards done before our vacations start but it looks like I'll be addressing them in California. At least they are printed :)
I love that month to month letter! Cute idea! And cute stamp!!
I would have loved to take some pictures for you guys. It is too bad we are so far away! But yours ways turn out so cute!