Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger

Mahalo to my friend, Esther, over on A Catholic Mom in Hawaii Blog for giving my blog the Stylish Blogger Award. I need to share 7 things about me with you. The nice thing about this award is that I get to share the honor with five other bloggers.

Ha ha I just repinned this on Pinterest today. One thing I will reveal and share about myself and my family is is that we have our moments of not being nice (yes I do have my moments where I yell at my kids...gasp). We have our disagreements and little squabbles. And "normal" well how is that defined? Drama-free, ya then we aren't normal. :)

My favorite color is purple. And I would love to have this purple home as my vacation home!

Even though my house is never perfectly cleaned (except when guests visit) I actually have OCD tendencies. Seriously. If the kids leave their shoes on the floor instead of putting them on our shoe won't bother me as much if they are paired together on the floor instead of one under the coffee table and the other on the kitchen floor. Also when I put a stamp on an envelope, it needs to be equi-distant from the top and right sides of the envelope.

Even though I have no problem flying in a plane, I have this big anxiety and fear when I drive up high on a freeway overpass. I usually envision going over the side. :( But through prayer I've been conquering this inner battle.

My favorite music genres to listen to our Hawaiian and Country. I know, opposite ends of the spectrum. My husband still can't believe I like Country (don't let him fool you though, he's warmed up to some Country music artists). I just love music that is "feel good" and both these genres do that for me.

I definitely could learn a thing or two from Penny Lane. I need to work on being more joyful. 

I won't lie, sometimes I'll day dream what it would be like not to worry about money and how nice it would be to go out and buy Stephen, myself and the kids cowboy boots. (Do you realize how expensive these type of boots can be!). But then I snap out of the day dream and back to my faith, working on always being thankful...
I'd like to present this Stylish Blogger Award to:

Can't wait to read your posts and learn more about y'all!


Esther G. said...

Melissa, what a great post! I loved what you shared. You made me giggle a few times. Yes, I agree, we could learn a lot from our dogs. BTW, I didn't realize cowboy boots were so expensive. I'm glad my mom kept my old Frye boots.

C Bragg said...

Mickie Spence and her blog ROCK! Thanks for letting other Spence's know about her hard work and awesomeness!

Elizabeth said...

You do have a very stylish blog!

Haha that first one is exactly like my family...

Wow, and I have the same OCD thing, though I don't always keep my room clean. I could be in class and if the teacher didn't erase one line on the chalk board, it would be like a loud beacon distracting me throughout the entire class time. Sometimes you just get in those OCD moods and it's like the thing that bothers you actually makes a NOISE until you fix it.