Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Weekend in pics

We had a really fun weekend. We decided to attend our first Friday Night Lights (I love that TV series) Texas high school football game since living here for almost 5 years. Our town's local high school, the one the kids would attend if we remain here, was playing their last regular season game. And if they were to win this game they would make it to their first playoff game in the school's history (it's a fairly new school). They were playing a team in San Antonio a few miles from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants down there so we headed there for dinner before the game.

The kids really enjoyed the atmosphere. They loved hearing the band play and get involved in the game. Madeline liked watching the cheerleaders and even knew some of the cheers because one of the guy varsity cheerleaders helped coach her old cheer squad.

Their team mascot is a Lobos, which is a wolf. James bumped into him when we went to the snack bar. Unfortunately the Lobos lost and didn't make the playoffs. It was still fun to go watch. 

This weekend we had more Spence cousins stopping by for a visit. These were cousins we haven't met before. The kids are always happy when family comes to visit. It was Stephen's 1st cousin Heidi (daughter of Stephen's dad's sister Kate). They are a military family and are moving from Georgia to Washington. So they're driving across State. We were happy to put them up for a night. Heidi and Ben had 3 of their kids with them and they were such sweet kids. Here is James with Dawson.

Here is Madeline with their daughter Olivia. She had the prettiest curly red hair. The girls got along really well.

Here are Liv and Madeline sitting on our trampoline and writing out a song. :)

And here is cousin Heidi with their other son Jordan. Sweet kid, he's in 8th grade. Next they were going to visit their grandparents (Ben's side) in El Paso, Texas. So Heidi wanted Jordan to get his haircut. They took him to a place near our home before they hit the road to El Paso...

Doesn't Jordan look handsome? :) Madeline was of course sad when they left, she always gets teary eyed when family leaves. But we are glad that we always have so many family coming into town. 

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Mickie and Matt said...

Love the blog makeover :) I need something fresh myself...

Loved all the syrup too! How fun a high school football game!

Heidi is moving up by us so we'll have to go visit sometime too.

WISH we could come visit YOU GUYS sometime. Ugh so many vacations I want to take and only so many vacation days. Boo.