Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh Poppi! :)

Today is Stephen's Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Birthday Poppi! Thought I'd post some fun pics. Handsome dad in his younger years!

I love this family shot. I think it was for Stephen's birthday which is only a couple of weeks before his Dad's.

This is a favorite too. 

Mom and Dad used to watch Madeline twice a week when we still lived in California. He loved taking Madeline on walks. It was their thing to do. Here they are coming back from a walk and you can see Poppi picked some flowers for Madeline. :)

One of my favs of Dad with Madeline.

And a new fav of mine of Dad with James.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Mickie and Matt said...

Happy Birthday to Mick! Wow those pictures were great.

I forgot that Mick is called Poppi, that is what Ty randomly calls my Dad. I have no idea why because none of us have ever used that name. Eh I think it's great.

Allison said...

He still is a handsome man and to me your son looks like him! Happy Birthday to him.

Sassy Sarah said...

Hope he had a great birthday! :) He looks so happy with his grandchildren!

Anonymous said...

Great memories....Love the Pictures...
Thank-You for posting....God Bless You...Love and Misses..