Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clean Cut Kiddos

I hope James never likes that shaggy haircut look when he's older and actually has an opinion about his hair. I love little boys haircuts, they look so clean cut and handsome. Taking this little stud muffin to have his 5 year old portraits taken tomorrow. 

The kids have been enjoying our Google TV setup. They have this very cool app called MeeGenius. It's a site that has eBooks for kids and the application has a ton of free books for our bookshelf. You can either read the books yourself (which Madeline has been doing for her reading log) or you can read along as it is read to you and the words are highlighted. I love technology like this.

Posted this pic on Facebook earlier this week and got lots of sweet compliments. Madeline will be wearing my mom's chapel mantilla veil and Stephen's mom's communion bracelet when she makes her First Holy Communion the end of this school year. My mom sent it home with us from California and Madeline was trying it on.

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