Friday, August 5, 2011


...from an almost 5 year old. James turns 5 the end of next month. And lately he's been asking really deep-thought questions. Like, "Mama, who made the stars and planets and the entire universe?". Or, "Mama why does sissy not have a pee pee like me?".  And he's really interested in knowing where things come from. For instance when we were at the grocery store yesterday he asked, "Mama, how does all this food get here, where does it come from?". And he's really curious about the human anatomy, "Mama, before your poop comes out of your butt...where does it come from?".

Lately both Madeline and James have been curious and asking questions on how a baby is born, how does the baby come out of a mommy's belly. So I explained. Madeline understanding a little better that it sounds pretty painful. But James asks the other day, "But Mama, I know how a baby gets out of your belly...but where does the baby come from, what is it made from?".

Oh geez.

It was easy to answer that God made the universe. That his sissy does have a pee pee, girls privates just look different. That the food in the grocery store is shipped from a bigger warehouse store. That your poop is the result of the food in your tummy being digested. But what are babies made from...

Oh geez.

How do I explain this one to an almost 5 year old.

So for a split second I thought about explaining the egg and the sperm. But I thought that might be too complicated for his mind. So I used a metaphor. I told him babies start out like a seed, one you plant, that is fertilized and starts growing into a baby in a mommy's belly. I smiled after I said this, and James responded:

"Oh I see, so you get a seed from the dirt, put it in the mama's belly and it turns into a baby! Okay."

I think I'm okay with him thinking we are all cabbage patch babies for  now, and I'll have a talk with him in a few years about where the "seed" comes from. :)


Mickie and Matt said...

Wow thanks for preparing me for all THOSE questions! I think I like that seed analogy... at least he is asking now, I literally had to explain to one of my best friends in (I kid you not) 11th grade how a woman has a baby.

We were in anatomy and it was blowing her mind that they didn't come out the anus and that there was a special BABY hole... yeah... that was an interesting, embarrassing and long conversation to have with on of my best friends who was actually a VERY bright person.

She said her parents were just very tight lipped and told her she would figure it all out once she got older and was married. YIKES! A girl has to know THAT at least! Glad Madeline got it :) Okay that was a long comment haha.

Mickie and Matt said...

p.s. people keep telling me that Maylee looks like a Cabbage patch doll. Random people in the store think I am holding a doll then are shocked when Maylee LOOKS at them. Seriously, one lady in the store jumped while I was standing next to her. HAHA

Will said...

I like where you went with it. I'd probably go with an egg analogy in a similar fashion. Mommy chickens lay eggs and moms have eggs on the inside that grow. We'll leave fertilization for another day . . .