Thursday, August 4, 2011

VIP baby!

This is my 993rd blog post. And I am so excited to announce I've been selected from an enormous amount of entries to be one of King's Hawaiian 100 VIP bloggers! (I think my blog url name helped ;) Sometime this week King's Hawaiian will be emailing me with specific details on how I am going to help them reveal an exclusive announcement. I'm going to plan it out and make it my 1000 blog post! So keep an eye out. I've got 6 more posts to blog...I think I can think of some things.

We love King's Hawaiian sweet bread, it is the best. Seriously. I remember as a kid my mom cutting me a wedge from a Round Bread and just spreading it with some butter...heaven.  Now I love to buy the pack of Sweet Rolls and make litte turkey or ham sandwiches with them (Madeline's favorite), or just spread butter on them and use them as a dinner roll. King's Hawaiian has a ton of yummy recipes to try with their breads like: grilled teri sliders, egg salad sandwich, and island pizza.

Okay I am just getting hungry typing this post. 

Don't forget to check back.


Mickie and Matt said...

Cool! So you get to tell everyone the surprise, but do YOU get anything? At least a free bag of rolls or something? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Oh and yes your blog URL is perfect for them huh :)

Chad and Crystal said...

That is awesome!!