Friday, August 5, 2011

Slumber Party!

Kayla, Ashleigh, Madeline & Mia

Do you remember how exciting and fun slumber parties were when you were a girl? I need to dig up some of my childhood slumber party photos. I remember having all my girl friends and cousins over, lining up our sleeping bags along my parents living room floor, all snuggling up with our cabbage patch dolls. Well tonight Madeline hosted her first slumber party. She's had Mia sleepover, and she's gone to sleepover at Mia's - but she's never had several girls over for a slumber party. 2 of our old neighbor friends girls couldn't make it because they are off at camp this weekend, but these 3 girls came so we still had a party!

Before heading to the pool I had some leftover crafts to make foam visors from a past birthday party. So they all enjoyed making their own visors. James wanted to be included in this slumber party pic.

We had chili dogs and strawberries for dinner. Afterwards they all got into their pajamas and ate their ice cream cone desserts out on the trampoline.

Silly faces!

Ashleigh and Madeline do cheerleading together and at practice this week the local high school cheerleaders did a fun song and dance to get the girls spirits up. It's such a cute song. So I Googled it and the girls (and James :) enjoyed performing it tonight.

Lyrics: Form Banana, form-form banana, then you peel banana, peel-peel banana - then you go bananas, go-go bananas! :) 

So the girls all got cozy in the loft to watch a girly movie. James wanted to join them, so Ashleigh graciously gave up her spot on the floor so James could snuggle under the big blanket. What does he do to assure he remains accepted by the girls - a Dutch oven. Eeeeeewwww gross! 

It's been a fun evening so far. 
Gotta go, they are performing a fashion show for me now!


Kelly Spence said...

How fun! James is such a funny boy. My boys are going to love seeing him when we come.

Allison said...

Cute! Dont know what a dutch oven is, but maybe I don't want to know. Have fun.

Sassy Sarah said...

Sleepovers are the best part about being a kid! So glad the girls enjoyed it!

And boys are so silly. I have a little brother who would do the same things. Too funny!